Through LeoLegacy, we aspire to leave a lasting impact that extends beyond creating the world’s greatest igaming experience. LeoLegacy supports three key pillars: LeoCares, LeoInitiative, and LeoInsights. Find out more below!


LeoCares empowers our employees to get involved on a local level by allowing them to have a say in the causes we support and to drive the change they want to see at a grassroots level. LeoCares aims to foster a culture of engagement and social responsibility across LeoVegas Group that extends into our local communities. 

Offices receive funds dedicated to supporting a local charity within their community. Through a vote, the office will choose the charity that resonates most with their values and community needs.  

Through LeoCares, we can extend our support and address various issues affecting the communities our employees live and work in.


Over the last two decades, the world’s lion population has decreased by 43 percent, categorising them as a vulnerable species. Having drawn inspiration from the king of the jungle, LeoVegas Group wanted to take action and help protect these big cats.

To mark LeoVegas Group’s fifth anniversary in 2017, we adopted two lions—Bruno and Omar— who were rescued from terrible conditions in Eastern Europe with the help of the big cat shelter, Stichting Leeuw. Bruno and Omar are brothers from the same litter and were born in captivity at a circus in Slovakia. They have since lived at the Lions Foundation, a sanctuary at the Schrikkloof Private Nature Reserve in South Africa, where they enjoy spacious grounds that imitate their natural habitat and receive top-of-the-line care.

Part of the LeoInitiative includes a volunteer program where a few employees visit the sanctuary to help care for Omar and Bruno.

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We believe that by working collaboratively with research experts, we can make meaningful progress in addressing and preventing problem gambling and ensuring a safer and more enjoyable environment for players. Through LeoInsights, we seek out research opportunities to find evidence-based solutions for mitigating behaviours associated with problem gambling. 

Our current LeoInsights initiative is a joint research project with Sweden’s largest medical university – and one of the world’s leading medical universities – Karolinska Institutet. This four-year project launched in 2022 and aims to better understand the patterns and behaviours that lead to problem gambling and to identify the best methods for identification and prevention. 

LeoVegas Group provides the raw data and funds the study but has no involvement in the research process or its eventual findings. We are committed to supporting research that provides accurate and unbiased insights into this critical issue.

Don’t miss this interview with Philip Lindner, Associate Professor at Karolinska Institutet,or the Q&A session on this important research topic.

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