At LeoVegas Group, we pride ourselves in our innovative and entrepreneurial culture. It’s ingrained in everything we do and everyone is working towards our purpose statement which is to create the world’s greatest igaming experience.

We foster a working environment that is dynamic, highly technical and forward-thinking, where we empower everyone to contribute to our overall success. Everyone’s contribution is valued and we encourage our employees to seize the opportunities that come with being part of an ever evolving company and being able to grow with the business.

Our main driving force is our self-driven employees who can channel their inner drive to propel themselves and the company forward. Being highly disciplined and taking initiative are both a key part of our culture while we’re all working towards the same clear goal – that of success!

LeoVegas Group are working with four cornerstones which are all guiding decision making:

These are all very connected to our strategy and we strongly believe that by making decisions based on these it will lead us to achieving a sustainable and profitable growth.

  • Innovative

  • Data-driven

  • Responsible

  • Scalable

And then we have five attitudes demonstrating how we should act and behave while reaching our purpose, to emphasise this we have five attitudes:

  1. We Make it Happen

    LeoVegas Group’s scale-up culture sets a tone of courage and capacity to act. Employees are encouraged to not only say what they think, but to also be brave to act as one team to find solutions and knowing that what they do actually matters.
  2. We Chase Betterness

    We constantly seek out opportunities and strive for excellence in everything we do. As a team, we constantly challenge ourselves and test, learn and grow to do and be better than we were yesterday.
  3. Trust and Accountability Counts

    Our business is built up on trust and respect – where everyone keeps their promises, takes on responsibility and is straightforward. The entire company’s business and existence is based on credibility and responsibility, so these are key factors when it comes to our success.
  4. Simplicity Rules

    Why do something more complicated than it needs to be? There are many examples of how unwieldy processes and bureaucracy make companies less successful. Put simply, simplicity is all about focusing on what is important, this opens a space for self-driven employees to quickly grasp what the goals are and where the company is headed in the future. This enables quick growth and the ability to be and agile moving company.
  5. We are Team Leo

    With employees from all around the world, every single one of them is enriching our company through their different backgrounds, skills and experiences. LeoVegas Group wins when we work as a team and there is trust and respect between everyone in the company, no matter who you are, what department you work in or role. We do not believe in hierarchical structures, but instead that every individual employee plays an important role in the company as one Team Leo.