LeoVegas AB (publ) receives consent from bondholders to redeem bonds early and calls for early redemption of bonds with ISIN SE0015242854

LeoVegas AB (publ) (the “Company” or “LeoVegas”) announces that the written procedure initiated through a notice to the bondholders on 12 June 2023 (the “Written Procedure”) regarding early redemption in full of the SEK 700,000,000 senior unsecured callable floating rate bonds with ISIN SE0015242854 (the “Bonds”), has today been completed.

The quorum was reached and a requisite majority of the voting bondholders voted in favour of the Company’s requests under the Written Procedure. The bondholders under the Bonds have therefore consented to the proposed early redemption. On 10 July 2023, LeoVegas will send an irrevocable notice of early redemption to all directly registered owners (Sw. direktregistrerad ägare) and registered authorised nominees (Sw. förvaltare) in the debt register for the Bonds kept by Euroclear Sweden as of 7 July 2023. The date for the early redemption will be on 4 August 2023 (the “Redemption Date”), which is 20 business days after the completion of the Written Procedure, and the record date for the redemption will be 28 July 2023, i.e. five business days prior to the Redemption Date (the “Record Date”).

All Bonds will be redeemed at the redemption price of 100 per cent of the nominal amount (i.e., SEK 1,250,000 per Bond) together with accrued but unpaid interest and an amount equal to all remaining interest which would, if not for the early redemption, be payable in respect of that Bond up to and including the Final Maturity Date (as defined in the terms and conditions). The redemption amount will be paid to each person who is registered as owner of Bonds in the debt register maintained by Euroclear Sweden at end of business on the Record Date. In connection with the redemption, the Bonds will be delisted from Nasdaq Stockholm.

The request under the Written Procedure became effective at 12:00 CEST today 7 July 2023 in conjunction with the expiry of the voting period of the Written Procedure.