LeoVegas Group’s jackpot slots into history: now the world’s largest!

The LeoJackpot has just been crowned the King of Jackpots – it’s currently the world’s biggest online casino jackpot! In this exclusive Q&A with Viktor Hoffmann, Head of Gaming Business Development, we delve into the details of how LeoVegas Group has set a new record with the LeoJackpot. Discover the story behind this achievement!

With the LeoJackpot also referred to as BetMGM Millions on BetMGM.co.uk now being the world’s largest available online casino jackpot, what do you believe are the key factors that contributed to this achievement?

“The product is designed for mass appeal; it’s very simple to play and adds more excitement to your gaming experience, whether you love to play slots or live casino. This broad and ever-growing choice of top-notch content, and even cross-vertical play, is unique to our jackpot product. Players can toggle jackpot mode on and off as they please, and there are four different size tiers ranging from frequent, smaller wins to the life-changing, multi-millionaire maker.

 Importantly, the Jackpot game experience is fast, stable, safe and demonstrably fair – each player contributes the same jackpot bet amount per spin, and everyone has an equal chance of winning any of the pots at any time. Prize pool amounts and drops are shown in real time, and the reset values are super competitive.  

All of this makes the Jackpot product very closely aligned with our mission to create the world’s greatest iGaming experience.”

Viktor Hoffmann, Head of Gaming Business Development


Could you give us an overview of LeoJackpot, a bit of background information, and what makes it stand out in the competitive igaming market?

“Our Jackpot is a pooled, progressive, cross-border and jurisdiction, multi-tier, value-based Jackpot. It’s available across our portfolio of brands as a companion product to all our most popular games, including live dealer and game shows.

It functions similarly to an ante bet or add-on bet, giving players a boosted chance of winning on top of the base game they are playing, for a small additional bet amount. The Jackpot is technically wholly independent from the base game it is played alongside, yet it is seamlessly overlaid so as not to interfere with the gameplay.

This differs from in-game, provider jackpots that are pooled across thousands of operators, where the jackpot pay-outs often form part of the game’s RTP.”


How does the LeoJackpot enhance the player experience, and how do you ensure it remains attractive to both new and existing customers?

“LeoJackpot is the perfect second-chance product that allows players to super-size their experience for a shot at winning even BIGGER! It is carefully calibrated to ensure that the reset values, drop frequencies, and win amounts combine to create a very compelling option for most player types. New players see the win potential as an additional reason to join our sites – this jackpot is exclusive to LeoVegas Group, and existing players see the benefit of adding jackpot play to their repertoire as we include all our exclusive and new games to the offering.

Our jackpot currently drops on average every 6.4 minutes, creating a lot of additional winners. Last year, we paid out €20 million across nearly 100,000 jackpots drops!

We also see that our Jackpot is very sticky as it has a significant, positive impact on retention rates. When comparing monthly retention rates between Jackpot opted-in and opted-out players, we found that jackpot players are twice as active, with double the retention rate of non-jackpot players.”


What future developments or enhancements can we expect for LeoJackpot? Are there any plans for new features or expansions?

“Over the past couple of years, we’ve worked on successfully launching and optimizing a competitive and strategically aligned proposition. There are quite a few jackpots available to players in most markets, but these tend to be tied to specific games and offered to all operators that feature those games. We offer those jackpots as well but always set out to go above and beyond, offering something bigger, better, more feature-rich, and tailored to player preference.

We are now focused on extending the jackpot offering into more markets so that all our players can enjoy the thrill of jackpot hunting. We also want to enhance the proposition further with new, exciting jackpot types and embed it even more into the overall player experience.

It’s a fast-moving space with new features being introduced at an accelerating pace. We’re never done chasing the ultimate Jackpot experience; the more players that engage, the faster and bigger the Jackpot gets!”


What has been the impact of the LeoJackpot on LeoVegas Group as a whole, in terms of branding, market position, and strategic thinking?

“The product is becoming an important string to our bow and an integral part of the gaming experience for around a fifth of our players who engage with our jackpots every month.

We believe that proprietary, exclusive Jackpot offerings will be increasingly used as a differentiating factor to create an edge in an industry where operators often compete with very similar content. It helps us position our brands on something the customer cares about and that we can do better than the competition.

In 2024, our strategic objectives for LeoJackpot are to continue leveraging the proposition to strengthen our position in regulated markets, increase operational scalability and automation, find new innovative ways to enhance the user experience, and have better asset utilization from the wider MGM group by integrating complementary intellectual properties (IP). We’ve already seen promising signs that combining exclusive branded slots, like Push Gaming’s ‘MGM Grand Gamble’, with our world-leading Jackpot is a winning recipe with our players.”


Daniel de Morais Communications Manager