CMO Lindahl: LeoVegas Group “scored big time” as it sponsors Inter

We recently announced that LeoVegas Group is sponsoring FC Internazionale Milano (Inter), placing a Group logo on the front of official training and warm-up shirts. This marks a new chapter in our marketing, and accelerates global brand visibility in sports. We spoke with LeoVegas Group CMO and Italy aficionado Niklas Lindahl about the partnership and sponsorships.

Niklas – exciting news! This sport branding sponsorship is unparalleled in LeoVegas Group history. What can you tell us about this partnership?
“Our Inter story began last year, when our Italian infotainment platform entered into a partnership with the iconic club in the autumn. From day one, we recognised the potential of this partnership. This was evident during Inter’s Malta winter training camp in the beginning of December, when we got great proof of concept as we served as temporary training kit partners, which resulted in massively increased interest in our brand.”

“These last couple of months, we’ve been collaborating really effectively with Inter. Both parties have seen the potential and have been eager to take the partnership to the next level: becoming official training kit partners. The combination of our great brands with Inter’s huge global fanbase – 508 million strong! – offers huge potential for boosting our visibility in sports. I’m thrilled about this fantastic opportunity – we’ve scored big time!”

How will LeoVegas Group leverage the sponsorship to increase brand awareness and reach new punters?
“The LeoVegas Group brand will be visible to an audience of sports-fans around the world, expanding our reach to a larger community of new and experienced punters. At the same time, we can leverage benefits from working with Inter – a truly global sports brand – and continue to build on that. This partnership also serves as a positive boost to our brand too. “

Will the Group sponsor other sports teams in the future?
“You never know…! I’ve learnt to never say never – but I want the data to speak for itself, and the world of data is highly dynamic. We never reject opportunities in advance, and keep an open mind and will always look for deals that will give ROI to our owners and value to our customers. Our customers are our top priority, and we’re committed to offering them the greatest igaming experience, including exciting brands, sponsorships, and exclusive content.”

There are two major football clubs in Milan, the other one being Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s AC Milan. This probably means that as of now, half of the city may dislike you. Will this make your everyday Milanese life more complicated?
“Haha, it comes with the job! It’s difficult to please everyone, especially in the world of sports. But what’s most important is that my dentist, accountant, lawyer, and girlfriend are all Inter fans, so I have the fundamentals covered at least!”