LeoVegas interim dividend

At the Annual General Meeting on 29 May 2019 it was decided that the dividend of SEK 1.20 would be paid out in two equal payments. The first payment was distributed on 7 June 2019. The following dates apply to the second payment:

  • November 29 is the last day to buy the share with the right to the dividend.
  • Ex-dividend date is 2 December 2019. The stock is traded without giving the buyer the right to the dividend.
  • Record date is 3 December 2019. The date you need to be registered as a shareholder to be entitled to the dividend.
  • Distribution by Euroclear Sweden AB on 6 December, as shareholders you can expect the dividend on the same day.

The total number of shares in LeoVegas is 101,652,970.

for further information, please contact:
Philip Doftvik, Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Finance
+46 73 512 07 20,