Annual General Meetings

The Annual general Meeting is the highest decision-making body in the company. At the general meeting all shareholders are given the opportunity to utilize their influence over the company in accordance with their respective shareholdings.

The AGM appoints the board of directors and auditors, and decides on, among other things, discharge from liability for the board members, changes in the articles of association and changes in the share capital.

All shareholders who have been entered into the share register held by Euroclear Sweden AB at least five business days (Saturdays included) before the general meeting, and who have notified the company about their intention to participate by no later than the date specified on the notice to the general meeting, are entitled to participate and to vote for their shares at the general meeting.

“annual general meeting will be within 6 months after the end of the financial year”

In addition to notifying the company about its participation, a shareholder who has his or her shares registered through a bank or securities institution must, through assistance by the trustee, temporarily have the shares registered in his or her own name at Euroclear Sweden AB in order to participate at the general meeting. Shareholders should inform the trustee of this matter well in advance of the record date.

Shareholders who wish to have a specific topic discussed at the Annual General Meeting must send a written request to the Board no later than seven weeks before the meeting. Please contact Investor Relations for such matters at