LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group is striving to be the most innovative, entrepreneurial and fastest growing company in its market. To strengthen this momentum we have put stronger focus on our LeoVentures operation. LeoVegas’ co-founder Robin Ramm-Ericson is Managing Director of LeoVentures and is leading the work on developing the portfolio companies and making investments in new, strategically important opportunities for the Group in line with our passion: “Leading the way into the mobile future”.

LEOVENTURES’ portfolio companies

Pixel.bet (Operator with focus on esport)

Pixel.bet’s vision is to create the greatest gaming experience in betting on esports www.pixel.bet. Sweden and the Nordics are initial focus markets, with clear potential to grow further internationally. Pixel.bet has the ambition to position itself as the leading brand in esports betting.

Authentic Gaming (provider of live casino from land-based casinos)

Authentic Gaming provides an innovative live casino solution with streaming from land-based casinos where customers can play together at the same table with players who are physically present in a real casino. Authentic Gaming has an innovative and compelling product in the fastest growing segment of the online casino market. Authentic Gaming’s live casino product has now been launched on some 75 sites with more than 20 operators, including LeoVegas.


CasinoGrounds (leader in live streaming of casino games via YouTube and Twitch)

The company operates the site www.casinogrounds.com, which is a platform for casino streaming with an active social casino forum. CasinoGrounds cooperates both with operators and game manufacturers in the industry. CasinoGrounds has created a forum for a new behaviour in which people interested in casino games watch others play casino games via YouTube and Twitch. The combination of proprietary content and video format is creating interesting opportunities going forward, where CasinoGrounds is the leading streaming network and community.


LiveCasino.com (affiliate and live casino community operation)
The mobile has created and will continue to create growth and new business opportunities in live casino. LiveCasino.com is an example of how LeoVegas as a group is capitalising on growth in the affiliate business model and thereby an additional part of the value chain in the industry. The site www.livecasino.com has been launched as a standalone premium affiliate site and community.


21 Heads Up (provider of unique and innovative card games)
21 Heads Up is in the development stage of a number of new, innovative card games developed for mobile devices. A hybrid of poker and blackjack, the game is extremely fast and is available in several variants. The game is played in the heads-up format, entailing that players always play against an opponent. This creates an exciting competition element, and to win over your competitor you need both skill and luck.



At LeoVentures we are constantly searching for new investment opportunities. We are doing this in a selective process that ensures that we do not have more simultaneous prospects than capacity to develop them and allow them to reach their full potential. It can be a matter of internal and external entrepreneurs who approach us with innovative ideas, industry knowledge and business models that complement the Group’s current operations as well as well established companies with potential to develop and grow. In LeoVentures we have the ability to drive growth and value creation by allowing the portfolio companies to retain their entrepreneurial identity and independence at the same time that the companies can accelerate their growth backed by the capital, knowledge and strength of the entire LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group.


As the operations within LeoVentures are conducted separately and independently from LeoVegas’ other activities, the aim is to fully offer the portfolio companies’ products also to other operators in the industry. What LeoVentures’ investments all share in common is that the companies have the potential to establish a position as new market leaders in their respective niches.


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