The LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group strives to be the most innovative, entrepreneurial and fastest growing company in our industry. To strengthen this momentum, we give increased focus to our venture business – LeoVentures (Former Independent Mobile Productions),

LeoVegas Co-founder, Robin Ramm-Ericson is Managing Director for LeoVentures

At present, this is a part of LeoVentures:

 – Authentic Gaming (Live Casino Provider)

 – 21 Heads-Up (Provider of unique and innovative card games)

 – LiveCasino.com (affiliate and community activities in Live Casino)

– CasinoGrounds (leading in livestreaming of casino games through YouTube and Twitch)

New investments within LeoVentures include internal and external entrepreneurs who come to us with innovative ideas, industry knowledge or identify an early market trend, as well as external companies that we see the potential to scale up further.

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