The Leo Initiative

In January 2017, LeoVegas turned 5 years old. As a part of the celebrations, we founded the Leo Initiative. It’s a joint charity initiative throughout the entire group, focused on making a hands-on difference for lions everywhere. The back-drop is the abysmal situation for the global lion tribe which only lives on 20% of the land that they originally occupied, with the population decreasing at an alarming rate.

In 2017, The Leo initiative is centered around two partners: The Wildlife Conservation Network, and Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary.

Wildlife Conservation Network, WCN, works as a connector of grass root projects, scattered all over the world. Our donation was one of the first assigned to the network’s newly founded Lion Recovery Fund, LRF. The LRF, endorsed by The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation among others, will support strategic and catalytic on-the-ground projects that will secure habitats for lions and reduce human-lion conflict, ensuring a future for this majestic species. The goal of the fund, and of LeoVegas, is to double the number of lions by 2050. Read more about their work, and the projects they support, here.

Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa, is a family-run organisation with semi-wild rehabilitation for rescued lions. The collaboration with Emoya will consist of two parts; an official sponsorship of two rescued lions, Bruno and Omar and a volunteer program for LeoVegas’ employees.

The rescued lions Bruno and Omar were born in captivity in Slovakia, and were both rescued from terrible conditions in 2015. In spring 2017, Omar and Bruno will be relocated to Emoya. This is where the Leo Initiative comes in becoming the lions’ official sponsors. Once in South Africa, we will be the official sponsor of their daily maintenance and well-being. We want our contribution to make a substantial difference in these animals’ lives, and enable Emoya to further their fantastic work.

The Leo Initiative has as part of the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary donation created a volunteering sponsorship for employees within the LeoVegas Group. It is important to us that the contribution made is not purely monetary. The sponsorship will cover the volunteering for four employees per year, hosted by Emoya. The volunteers will spend two weeks working with more than 40 rescued big cats including Bruno and Omar, farm animals, and cattle.

The Leo Initiative is aimed at putting our donations to their best use, aspiring to make a true hands-on difference for the majestic lions everywhere. This is what the Leo Initiative is all about.