LeoRegulus Award

Annual technology prize for women in tech

Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation Leo. In that same spirit, LeoRegulus aims to illuminate the top talents in the industry and inspire more women to pursue a career in tech. 

The technology sector in Sweden is booming; however, women still constitute less than 25 percent of the entire workforce. In order to give a small, but hopefully important, contribution that will inspire more women to pursue a career in the technology sector, LeoVegas established the LeoRegulus Award in November 2018 and is awarded to bright talents annually. The scholarship of 100,000 SEK will be granted to an initiative, organisation or person promoting an increased interest in and awareness of tech among women.

“LeoRegulus aims to illuminate the top talents in the industry”

Who should apply?

Any organisation, initiative, or person who is actively working to increase the awareness of or interest in tech among women and who are striving towards a higher degree of diversity & inclusion within the tech-sector.

How to apply?

To be considered for this award, the following selection criteria will be assessed.

Please tell us about:

  1. Your organization; how did you get started and what makes you unique?
  2. What are your greatest achievements to date and what are your future aspirations?
  3. What effect has your organization created to date?
  4. How would your organization use the LeoRegulus Award funds?

Feel free to create your application in any way you like! 

Applications are to be sent to Leoregulus@leovegas.com no later than the 30th of November 2019.

The LeoRegulus Award Jury will appoint the winner of the scholarship during mid-December.

The LeoRegulus Award Jury 2019 consists of:

  • Maria Norberg, CEO & co-founder of Teknikkvinnor (LeoRegulus Award winner 2018)
  • Ather Gattami, Founder & CEO Bitdynamics & Founder of AI-podden 
  • Tuva Palm, Executive Tech Advisor & Board Member LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group
  • Gustaf Hagman (pictured above), CEO & co-founder of LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group

2018 LeoRegulus Awards

  • LeoRegulus Award Winner: Teknikkvinnor
  • LeoRegulus “RISING STAR”: Techella