About LeoVegas

The story About LeoVegas

In just five years, LeoVegas has gone from a completely unknown brand with a zero customer base to be the fastest growing mobile gaming company and the market leader in mobile casino. Thanks to its strong inflow of customers, exceptional growth and constant innovation, LeoVegas is the trailblazer in the mobile revolution.

With the industry’s most prestigious awards under its belt, and “mobile first” approach LeoVegas continues to take the gaming experience to new heights. 


LeoVegas’ vision is to create the greatest gaming experience and be number one in mobile gaming.

“Number one in mobile gaming”



Business Concept

The business concept behind LeoVegas is to use the mobile to create the ultimate gaming experience. LeoVegas will offer world-leading gaming entertainment through product, technology and marketing innovation. 


Gustaf Hagman

Birth: 1974
Titel: Group CEO, Co-Founder
Started at LeoVegas: Co-Founder, 2011
Education: Economic studies at Stockholm´s University, School of Business.
Previous experience: Gustaf has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and the online gaming industry and has previously built organizations to over 100 employees. Before he co-founded LeoVegas, Gustaf was CEO of the listed company Net Gaming AB (publ.). He also founded and was CEO of Eurobet Nordic AB. As the group's CEO Gustaf works with the company's strategy and planning. It is his duty to lead the company and to handle stock market-related questions and to ensure that LeoVegas achieves the goals that the board and the owners have set up.

Robin Ramm-Ericson

Birth: 1975
Titel: Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder, CXO (Chief Experience Officer)
Started at LeoVegas: Co-founder, 2011
Education: Master of science in business and economics from the Stockholm School of Economics, and has also studied at Stanford University.
Previous experience: Robin Ramm-Ericson is one of the founders of LeoVegas and his previous experience includes serving as CEO of Payson AB, Nordic Manager of Neteller & Optimal Payments Ltd and Head of Product Development at ATG.

Viktor Fritzén

Birth: 1985
Titel: Group CFO
Started at LeoVegas: 2012
Education: M.Sc. in Finance and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics.
Previous experience: Viktor used to work as an equity analyst at Goldman Sachs in London where he covered the technology sector. He also had a role, as an analyst at GP Bullhound where LeoVegas was one of his clients.

Philip Doftvik

Birth: 1985
Titel: Head of Corporate Finance and IR
Started at LeoVegas: 2015
Education: M.Sc. in Finance and Economics from Stockholm University
Previous experience: Philip used to work as an equity analyst at Carnegie Investment Bank. Before LeoVegas he worked at Betsson Group in several roles, including operations, M&A and Investor relations.

Johan Styren

Birth: 1982
Titel: CEO - LeoVegas Gaming Ltd, Malta
Started at LeoVegas: 2012
Education: Master Of Science, Industrial engineering and management from Lunds University
Previous experience: Various positions at TDC were Johan started as a management Trainee and then moved on with business development in different areas. Before LeoVegas Johan worked for Unibet with business development and also worked as Head of Acquistion Development.

John Strömberg

Birth: 1983
Titel: Group CTO and CEO at Gears of Leo
Started at LeoVegas: 2012
Education: DIHM, Business Management, IHM Business School
Previous experience: John has several years of experience in the technical field with a number of senior roles. For example as CTO at GI Viktkoll that is a part of the Bonnier Group, he has also been system architect for an innovative food delivery business. Before he joined LeoVegas he worked at HiQ, and then, mainly with the second largest IP telephone company in world, Rebtel.


    LeoVegas strives to have the ultimate offering and the latest technology in the mobile gaming market. With a combination of in-house developed technology and attractive partnerships, LeoVegas creates an innovative gaming experience on mobile devices.

    LeoVegas has been recognized several times since its launch 2012 for its innovation in the gaming industry, in Sweden and internationally and has since its launch received more than 15 awards. In 2013 the industry body EGR (E-Gaming Review) awarded LeoVegas “Innovation in Casino”. The awards followed in 2014, the Company was awarded as a winner of “Mobile Casino Product of the Year” and “Innovation of the Year in Mobile and Tablet”. In 2015 LeoVegas won the awards for “Best Mobile Marketing Campaign of the year”, “Affiliate program of the year” and “Slots operator of the year” from the same industry body in their yearly EGR Awards.

    During 2016 LeoVegas has so far won nine awards of which two were assigned at the EGR awards in London. LeoVegas won the awards “CRM campaign” and “Mobile Marketing Campaign”.

    LeoVegas was, in the beginning of the year, at the EGR Nordic Awards awarded with “Mobile Operator of the Year”, “Casino Operator of the Year” and the overall award “Nordic Operator of the Year”. LeoVegas also won “Casino Operator of the Year” at the International Gaming Awards.

    LeoVegas has also received international recognition outside the gaming industry, including being the winner of the Grand Prize at the GP Bullhound Summit 2015 where entrepreneurs and investors voted LeoVegas as “The most interesting and high performing tech company 2015”.

    Code of conduct and Core Values

    The Code translates LeoVegas’ core values into practical actions and provides guidance on how we are expected to act in our day to day operations. It also explains what our employees can expect from LeoVegas.

    Besides these, we also have a set of internal policies that cover areas such as information security and IT, communication, HR and finance. All policies are based on our Code of Conduct and apply to the entire LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group and its employees.

    LeoVegas’ offering is based on gaming as a fun and attractive form of entertainment. However, certain people are at risk of developing gaming-related problems. LeoVegas takes this very seriously, and responsible gaming is a fundamental principal in the company’s product design and customer contacts.